CIB World Congress 2010

May 10th - 13th, The Lowry, Salford Quays, United Kingdom



Our apologies to those who have not received the abstract review results yet. We have received an overwhelming number of abstracts. Thus, the review process takes more time than expected. We will inform you as soon as your review result becomes available. 

Building a Better World...The 2010 CIB World Congress is focused on Building a Better World.  The construction and built environment sectors are already hugely important to achieving a world in which people are properly housed, in which buildings and transport systems support the efficient operation of our economies, and in which people are happy and healthy.  But we can do better.  Connecting and channelling the full capacities of the construction and built environment industries to meet the needs of the human race, head on, will transform the world, for us and for future generations. 

The CIB World Congress is THE place to be to learn about the state of the art in markets, research and innovation linked to construction and the built environment.  The Congress will include high profile presentations by leading authorities and thought leaders; trend reports covering a wide range of disciplines; perspectives on national and regional markets around the world; and the latest academic papers from every corner of the global built environment research community. 

Hundreds of researchers from around the world will be meeting at the Congress, representing a strong multi-disciplinary mix of over forty CIB Working Commssions and Task Groups and, as well as running their own academic streams, they will be supporting a range of other activities and engaging in a busy social programme.

"As CIB President I look forward to welcoming you to what promises to be a wonderful scientific and social occassion ... I invite you to be part of Building a Better World …"

Professor Peter Barrett 




MediaCity:UKSalford has always been a seedbed of radical change in society in many small ways - for example it is where the first public lending library in the world was set up and it is where vegetarianism took root. But on a grander scale the conference will be held in Salford Quays, which in the 19th Century was one of the major sites out of which the industrial revolution grew and spread across the world.  Now it is emerging as a key location for another sea change in society - the digital revolution. Pier 9 is being developed into the UK's first dedicated Mediacity.  The project, the second largest in the UK after the London Olympic site, is driven by a £500M private sector investment and will create 15,000 jobs and cover 200 acres. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is moving five of its departments out of London to  to Salford Quays - including BBC Children's and BBC Sport - where they will make up 10% of the development. The conference venue, The Lowry, is at the doorstep of the MediaCityUK site giving the delegates a first hand opportunity to see how the UK's first media city coming together. 


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